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Vandread 2nd Stage: October 5th 


 Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto 3 now available


Project Comic Party: Complete

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Last Updated: 11.08.2001 by Devilray



- Elite-Fansubs Announcement:


At about 1:30am est on this morning, an attack which was directed towards the entire staff had occurred. The subtitling of vandread: the second stage episode one had occurred by an untagged group. Elite-Fansubs encourages all groups to subtitle anime, even if we are doing that same series, but this was much deeper than that. About a day prior to the incident who we shall not name, but we know who they are had started to spread rumors of us taking up other group series to encourage stress and tension. In the many logs we received of trusted allies there was comments such as "we are going to fuck elite-fansubs over". Once again we have no problem with someone doing the same series as us, but this was not an act of anime fandom, their goals are clear, their acts show no sign of anime fandom, but to create war without having any love of the title at all. What have fansubbers become? Our goals are to have fun, and get the anime out when we have time, not to take shots at another group and intentionally start war, and to aggravate many other groups in the process. The public piece of evidence which was released the nfo which they made stated the name "Not E-F", I'm sorry but how much more immature can you get. If you think you can rush a release before us to get it out to create trouble, then you are highly mistaken. Our goals are to release anime for fun and enjoy it which you have so chosen to ignore. Your goals and techniques are cowardly. If you think we are going to change our method then you are mistaken. Instead of subbing a series to bash and attack groups, then put your time and effort into something you can enjoy. For all of those involved lets cut the crap, and move on, and not continue to cause trouble as the plans of those fake E-F releases which have already been bragged about, just like those of vandread 2 which were heard. Well what was said, was said for a reason if you wish to be childish then so be it, we will not let you diminish the spirit of the anime fans out there, we will continue to do fansubs for the reason they were designed in the 1st place, and not these war purposes.     


- October Series:


We apologize for lack of releases, but I can stand by this statement, October will be the month E-F stands out. We are almost approaching our 1-year anniversary, within in that time period we have accomplished more than any other group. Our plans for the end of the year are as followed. Our subtitling group will be subtitling a total of four titles, which are going to be by far the hottest series of the year. The titles as followed are going to be our new projects: Vandread The Second Stage, Najica Blitz Tactics, Mahoro: The Automatic Maiden, and the series Hikaru no Go. Before we start subtitling our new series, in this new month I want to wish every group good luck in the month of October. Let's all up the notch of quality on our episodes, and have fun in the process. 



- Comic Party:


The highly anticipated series Comic Party has been completed. The incredible 13-episode hit, has been completely subtitled by your favorite fan sub group. Hopefully you enjoyed watching it as much as we did! If you enjoyed watching this series we recommend watching Hikaru no Go and Mahoro: The Automatic Maiden.


- Where's my Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto!:


Gomen! We are really sorry, these past few weeks have been all-about organizing the staff for the month of October. This 12-episode series has just finished airing and just about all the episodes are translated. We apologize for the lacking of releases, this will change so don't worry. Everyone is back in college, school, or finally settled down and we will kick it up a notch so stay calm! 


- Cyberdojo Status:


Cyberdojo is down, it is quite apparent that it is down, we have received hundreds of emails about it. We do apologize, but you have to understand, that Elite-Fansubs has nothing to do with the files hosted on it, except for the ones subtitled by us which is hosted on that site. We do not own the site, and control the contents that is to go up on the site. We once again apologize, the owner is a big vandread fan, so don't worry it will go up before that time period.

- Vandread: The 2nd Stage:

Here is the trailer for the series which is proclaimed as the best series of 2000. We are now in the year 2001, and I have very little doubt that The Second Stage of Vandread will not be the best for this year as well! Here is a trailer to keep you Vandread fans happy. This was not captured by our staff like most episodes, the quality is low in both cases. We have placed a link of the real player version and a windows media player (.wmv) formatted copy as well. This file is not hosted off our site because we feel the ones who captured it should get the credit. Make sure you have the most recent version of windows media player if you want to watch it. This series will be airing in four days (10-5-01), so just stay cool and wait for some high quality releases. 

Real Player Download

Windows Media Player (.wmv) Download

The crew of the Nirvana find out that the "karitori" (the guys who harvest you) are approaching their home planets, Tarark and Mejele. In order to save them, they being their trip home. Along the way, through a series of events, they end up traveling with a girl from Earth, named Misty. From her, they learn that the conditions on Earth are far worse then they had expected. Hibiki and the others realize that the real battle still lies ahead.

Through out the intensive battles, the Vandreads finally become their true form !? Can they save their homelands...and what happens to Hibiki and Dita? ! Second stage is about to begin !


Special Thanks to: Y-Morita


-Elite-Fansubs In Ultra Jovem Anime Magazine:


If anyone owns Ultra Jovem Anime Magazine, there was an article that talked about us. I found it pretty interesting, some scans should be up later. Incase anyone doesn't know its in Portuguese, because it's a pretty big magazine in brazil, I'm glad to hear that fans all over the world are enjoying our subs. The scan will be translated once it get it scanned.


-Japanese Translators:


If you are a japanese translator, who can translate anime episodes, then you are just the person we are looking for! Please do not email us if you are not fluent and can not handle this, sorry to sound rude, I should of stated this earlier. Email us at : ukn@elite-fansubs.com



-Interview With Andrew Kent of ADV:


Here is an interview taken a couple weeks ago with Andrew Kent of ADV. Read it, and please reply in the forum about your thoughts. Note: This was not taken by an Elite-Fansubs member, but it is valid, and was posted. The interview was given to us to be intended to post on the site, not to change someones beliefs about the company. Enjoy it. I have to say, but if you didn't look close Andrew Kent, has confirmed that ADV has the anime title 'Noir'. Wether it was a mistake that he said it, or not, it means that ADV has licensed it and owns the rights. When it will be announced is unknown! Click here to read it.












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